DDB is helping Recupel recycle

After a strategic and creative pitch, Recupel has decided to entrust DDB Brussels with their CRM and digital communication budget. The first mission for the creative agency is to encourage consumers to recycle their old refrigirators and freezers in the most appropriate way.


Very soon, DDB Brussels will be in charge of Recupel's CRM and digital communication as well as their strategy, and has settled on a data approach. Maarten De Neve, CRM & Data Strategist at DDB Brussels, explains : "We are really ecstatic to be able to invest our creativity and data expertise into a good cause, especially for a sustainable future. Just like Recupel's team, DDB has the ambition to modify the current status quo. We would like to, through a relevant approch, promote this change of mentality towards a 100% circular economy."


Or, in Annelies Evens words, Recupel's MARCOM Manager :


"Recupel has achieved concrete milestones in the right direction in the past few months. Today we would like to give even more visibility to the brand, to raise consumer's and enterprises'/partners' awareness, and to incite them to take action and recycle better. We chose DDB Brussels as a creative partner to take up these challenges and launch a strong campaign straight away. We're convinced we'll be able to write a beautiful and impactful story together. "


The collaboration between DDB Brussels and Recupel begins in april 2019.